Many financial advisors, registered representatives, securities brokers, and investment advisors owe money on a promissory note or employee forgivable loan ('EFL'). You may have defenses and not be required to pay the entire balance due. The experienced securities employment lawyers at Moulton, Wilson & Arney, LLP can review your circumstances and tell you whether we can help you reduce or in some cases even eliminate what you must pay. We can negotiate with your former firm and in many cases obtain a discount on your promissory note or EFL amount.

If you have received a demand letter or have been sued in a FINRA arbitration on a promissory note or EFL, we can help you defend or settle the claim. The FINRA arbitration panel may enter an award against you for the full amount claimed if you fail to present defenses and/or counterclaims. The attorneys at Moulton, Wilson & Arney, LLP are experienced in the FINRA arbitration process and have years of experience representing financial advisors in cases involving promissory notes and EFLs.

We represent financial advisors, registered representatives, investment advisors and securities brokers nationwide in promissory note claims, disciplinary investigations, employment claims and disputes, and transition issues.

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